Committer of the Month – Apoorva Kohli, Social Media Manager

Committer of the Month – Apoorva Kohli, Social Media Manager

Meet Apoorva Kohli, a decentralization advocate, focused on translating complex blockchain topics into digestible content across various social media platforms of...

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In our latest edition of ‘About Shardeum Team‘, we have Apoorva Kohli, who is also the committer for the month of May 2024.

Apoorva is a passionate advocate for decentralization, mostly compressing information in 280 characters, finding inspiration between pages of books, and carrying a love for all things canine. After discovering that cryptocurrencies were just the tip of the iceberg, she was prompted to make a significant career shift to pursue my newfound passion.

You can find her here and here.

Let’s Chat with Apoorva Now

Jereme/WillWhat are you helping to build at Shardeum?

Apoorva: I’m the social media manager, assisting Shardeum in crafting a dynamic presence within the community. As the social media curator, my role revolves around simplifying complex technical language into bite-sized simple understandable pieces for our audience on various social media platforms. I’m tasked with keeping all Shardians informed about the behind-the-scenes action that goes into building a layer 1, all day-to-day updates & milestones with a dash of fun added in!

Jereme/WillWhat sets Shardeum apart?

Apoorva: Apart from the obvious goal of ‘Solving the Blockchain Trilemma,’ what truly distinguishes Shardeum is its commitment to transparency with the community. Whether it’s about timelines, addressing bugs, or providing regular weekly updates, Shardeum embraces accountability for any challenges it encounters, ensuring the community is kept well-informed every step of the way. Moreover, the company consistently seeks and values the community’s perspective in making major and minor decisions, such as naming Testnets and gathering feedback on airdrops. This dedication resonates deeply with the OCC principle.

Jereme/WillHow can our community members uplift Shardeum?

Apoorva: Community lies at the heart of any blockchain, and with Shardeum, there are abundant opportunities for participation. Age or skill level is no barrier to joining the Shardeum ecosystem, thanks to its diverse range of programs. From Super Shardian, offering avenues for engagement across various social media platforms, to Proof Of Community, empowering individuals to organize countless meetups with support from our efficient team, there’s something for everyone.

My personal favorite is “Anyone Can Run A Node.” It’s rare to find a platform where you don’t need to be tech-savvy or well-off to run a node on a blockchain network in return for rewards. With Shardeum and its many partners, even someone like me, who’s not a tech expert, can join in and enjoy the perks of the tech world.

Jereme/Will: What was your journey into Web3?

My Web3 journey kicked off back in 2020 when a friend introduced me to the world of crypto, saying, “This is where millionaires are made overnight.” Intrigued, I started investing but ended up losing all my money due to my lack of DYOR! This was what sparked my curiosity, and I went on a mission to find out why I was not turning into a millionaire!

To my surprise, I discovered that cryptocurrencies were just a small part of the broader movement of decentralization and taking control of your own data and identity. This realization led me to switch from my marketing job at a well-known bath and body products company to something I truly believed in. I hope I’m able to spread the word of blockchain and decentralization to all & help build Web3!

Note to the community: If you want to be part of our exciting team or any of our ecosystem projects’ team, please do keep a tab on our careers page on the website where you’ll find hundreds of job opportunities and submit your application.

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